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Thousands of Idahoans are making the move to go solar. They understand there has never been a greater opportunity to make such a drastic impact on your life, your community and the earth all at once. Servicing Idaho since 2017, we are proud to be Idaho's most experienced and trusted Solar Provider. 


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Solar is Best For

Saving Money

When you switch to solar you will start saving thousands instantly, cash in on the billion dollar government incentives, and get paid by your power company for the energy you produce! 

Taking Control of Your Power

Solar gives you ultimate control to produce the energy you need to power your home, business, or farm. When the power grid goes down, your solar panel system + battery will keep you powered up as usual.

Saving the Environment

Solar energy harvests the natural energy of the sun producing zero air pollution or greenhouse gases. It also requires little to no water and overall has a much smaller footprint on the environment than traditional energy sources.


We're Powered Alliance

A family owned and operated Solar Provider in Boise, Idaho proudly serving Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Arizona since 2017. Our mission is to give back POWER to our community by elevating individuals to confidently make the decision to go solar. To us, POWER means:

Passion: We transform lives and make real, positive impacts through our products and services.
Opportunity: providing life changing opportunities to our customers to give them back control of their lives.
Wealth: solar brings wealth to those that use it through its many benefits.
Education: provide real value to educate our customers and help them make the right decision
Reliability: we prioritize our customers with quick turnaround times and same day communication every step of the way.

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How It Works


Speak with one of our solar experts and get your personalized solar savings plan. 


If you decide to go solar, we do all the work for you, getting permits and technical details ready for your house


Our trusted local installers install your state of the art solar equipment and get's you hooked up to the grid


Sit back and enjoy your new system - save money, gain control, and save the environment.

Why Choose Powered Alliance

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State of the Art Equipment

We are very particular about the equipment that we use to build our solar systems. We utilize state of the art panels and microinverters while other companies still use old optimizer systems. We also offer multiple top tier batteries to keep you powered up even when the grid goes down. 

Family Owned & Operated

As a family owned and operated business, we treat our customers with the warmth and care that only a family owned business can achieve. We care deeply about our customers and ensuring that their new solar system will have the ultimate impact on their lives. We set out to give every customer the best experience possible throughout the entire solar process.

Most Experienced Providers in Idaho

With over 1000 successful residential, commercial, and farm solar systems, Powered Alliance is the most experienced provider in Idaho. Our trusted crews pride themselves on getting better each and every job they do to always be improving their quality of work.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do solar panels work?

Solar panels convert sunlight into electrical energy which is then transferred to your system's inverter for household use. The energy is used to power your home first, then any excess energy qualifies for net metering and is purchased back from you by your power company. Or, if you have a solar battery, your excess energy is stored there!

This isn't my forever home, why should I get solar?

Two great reasons to get solar even if you aren't in your forever home are 1) Solar increases the value (and your equity) in your home and 2) When you sell, solar is treated just like any other utility - if there are any unpaid costs, these are simply taken care of by the new homeowner. This is a win, win for everyone as they get to continue to enjoy the benefit of saving money and helping the planet with solar!

Does solar make sense if I'm getting older?

Yes it does! You might be surprised that the majority of our customers are actually older, and love their solar because of the security it brings. Solar ensures you will have power even in an outage, locks in your energy bill, and gives you ownership of your power. It is also a great gift to the community and the environment that will last on for years and years to come!

I'm not sure if I'll like the way solar will look on my house.

Our expert designers will make sure to work with you to select from the many colors and arrangements we can make on your roof to make it just how you want it! Also, the aesthetics of solar are actually coveted by a lot of people. In a recent poll 9 out of 10 people supported the expansion of solar energy. 

*link to poll

What if my HOA does not allow solar?

As of 2019, Idaho passed House Bill 158. With this bill, HOA's can only request to be apart of the process but cannot actually reject a homeowner getting solar due to the many benefits solar has for individuals, communities, and the environment.

How much will I save with Solar Panels?

On average, a solar panel system will pay for itself in just 4-7 years when purchased outright. If you choose to lease or finance your solar panels system, you will save money immediately and and expect to save upwards of $100,000 over the lifetime of your system. You will also quality for the Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit, equal to 26% of the total cost of your solar system. The personal tax credit for Idaho is up to $5000 per year and available for deduction against 40% of your personal taxes.

How much does solar cost?

The typical solar system cost is typically between $80/mo - $140/mo depending on preference and energy needs. The cost will vary based on regional incentives, system size, aesthetic preferences, and energy needs, among other factors.

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